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Semi-Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine 20-Bar 1050W

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Experience The Magic Of A Perfect Brew

Dive into the aromatic richness of coffee brewed to perfection with the BioloMix 20 Bar 1050W Semi-Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. Equipped with a 20 Bar pressure pump, this modern marvel ensures optimal flavor extraction, preserving the exquisite aroma of your coffee beans and blessing your mornings with a fragrant, crema-rich espresso.

Recreate Coffeehouse Favorites At Home

Unleash your inner barista with the BioloMix Espresso Machine. The easy-to-use milk frother and professional 20-bar pressure portafilter turn your kitchen into a personalized café. Whip up velvety lattes, creamy cappuccinos, or a refreshing iced coffee with ease. Experience café-quality coffee without stepping out of your home.

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

Cleaning your espresso machine has never been easier. The detachable components, including the drip tray and bubbler, water collecting tray, high-pressure funnel, and filter, make the cleaning process hassle-free. With the BioloMix Espresso Machine, you get to enjoy your favorite brews without worrying about the aftermath.

Transparent, Removable Water Tank: The Height Of Convenience

The BioloMix Espresso Machine's transparent, removable 1.5L water tank gives you a clear view of the water levels, letting you refill timely and conveniently. Capable of brewing 10 to 12 cups of coffee, it’s the perfect companion for homes, offices, and apartments, ensuring you never run out of fresh coffee.

Your Guide To Brewing Perfection

The BioloMix Espresso Machine may require a preheat during the first use, and the espresso might not be hot enough. But fear not! The second brew will be just perfect. We recommend waiting for the temperature to drop after using the steamer and then brewing your coffee for optimal results. Remember, the perfect cup of coffee is worth the wait.


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