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1200 W Food Stand Blender/Mixer


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Step Up Your Culinary Game with BioloMix Kitchen Food Stand Mixer

Embark on a journey of culinary excellence with the BioloMix Kitchen Food Stand Mixer. A marvel of kitchen appliances, this powerful blender and mixer, equipped with a 1200W DC motor and a variety of features, will transform your cooking experience and make it a delight.

Unleash the Power of 1200W DC Motor

At the heart of our BioloMix Stand Mixer is a max 1200W high-end pure copper DC motor designed for top-tier efficiency. Coupled with hall sensors and additional pulse settings, the stand mixer provides an optimal blend of power and precision. Enjoy quiet, effective operation with noise levels at a mere 60 dB or less, ensuring your culinary adventures remain peaceful.

A Symphony of Speeds for Every Mixing Need

The BioloMix Kitchen Stand Mixer features 6+P Speed Control for the most accurate mixing. From the gentle stir of thick batters to the vigorous whip of meringues and cream, our mixer can handle it all. And with a convenient timer function, you can let the mixer work while you focus on crafting your perfect dish.

Capacious Bowl for Hearty Gatherings

When it comes to capacity, the BioloMix Stand Mixer goes big with a 6L food-grade stainless steel bowl, perfectly sized for family gatherings of 8-10 people. Equipped with a hardened wire whisk and oversized Teflon-coated dough hook and flat beater, this mixer is ready to handle all your baking needs. Plus, all detachable parts are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

LED Display & Tilt-Head Design for Ease and Safety

Our BioloMix dough mixer comes with a clear LED display showing the operation time. This innovative feature allows you to multitask efficiently while your mixer does its job. Moreover, the machine is built with overheating protection, automatically shutting off if the motor overheats. The tilt-head design offers convenient accessory switching and easy bowl removal, adding to your ease and safety.

Compact, Splash-proof, Anti-slip Design for Hassle-free Experience

Keeping your kitchen clean is simple with the splash-proof design of the BioloMix Stand Mixer. Its compact dimensions ensure that it fits perfectly into your kitchen while the anti-skid silicone suction feet provide stability and reduced noise. Experience the joy of mess-free, secure, and efficient mixing with BioloMix!


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Biolomix products are designed to deliver professional-level performance and precision, using the latest advancements in technology. With heavy-duty construction, intuitive controls, and powerful motors, our products are the perfect tool for both professional chefs and home cooks.

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