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4 In 1 Hand Stick Blender 1200W with Stainless Steel Ice Blades


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Unleash Culinary Creativity with BioloMix

Experience a symphony of blending power, convenience, and performance with the BioloMix 1200W 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Stick Blender Mixer. This meticulously designed kitchen ally is crafted to amplify your culinary journey, easing your food preparation process and ensuring every dish is a masterpiece.

4-in-1 Superior Performance: Your Kitchen Essential

Elevate your kitchen repertoire with this dynamic stick blender. Powered by a robust 1200W motor, its ultra-sharp 304 stainless steel blades glide through food, effortlessly crafting everything from baby food to juices, smoothies, soups, and more. The versatility offered by the BioloMix stick blender is your secret ingredient to an enriching cooking experience.

Tailored Blending with 6 Speeds & Turbo Mode

Engineered with precision, the BioloMix electric hand blender offers 6 adjustable speed settings alongside an instant turbo function. Whether you're gently simmering a soup or preparing a power-packed smoothie, you have the liberty to tweak the speed for customized blending, infusing each dish with a personal touch.

A Trove of Accessories for Versatile Tasks

The BioloMix blender doesn't just stop at blending—it's your comprehensive solution for various culinary tasks. The set includes a 600ml mixing beaker, a whisk attachment, a 500ml chopper attachment, and a power cord. These perfect combinations transform your cooking process, making it seamless to create smoothies, milkshakes, soups, baby food, and more.

Easy Operation and Cleanup

Simplicity lies at the core of the BioloMix blender. Its detachable shaft ensures easy cleaning—just rinse it under warm tap water or place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. The convenience of one-hand operation offers a straightforward blending process.

Operational Safety and Durability

The BioloMix blender prioritizes your safety with its operation guidelines. For a prolonged lifespan, limit operation times with different attachments and maintain adequate breaks between usage cycles. This guidance coupled with the blender's high-quality materials ensures a durable appliance that stands the test of time.


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Biolomix products are designed to deliver professional-level performance and precision, using the latest advancements in technology. With heavy-duty construction, intuitive controls, and powerful motors, our products are the perfect tool for both professional chefs and home cooks.

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