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Automatic Hot and Cold Milk Frother


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The Ultimate Indulgence: BioloMix NEW Automatic Hot and Cold Milk Frother Warmer

Experience the sheer luxury of perfectly frothed milk right in the comfort of your kitchen. Say hello to the BioloMix NEW Automatic Hot and Cold Milk Frother Warmer. The perfect companion for every coffee lover.

An Invigorating Wake-up Call: BioloMix's 4-in-1 Function

Imagine starting your day with a different coffee style each morning. Whether you crave warm dense foam to top your cappuccino, airy froth for a light latte, cold foam for an iced coffee, or simply warm milk for a cozy hot chocolate, BioloMix has got you covered. No café can beat the intimate experience of sipping heavenly coffee in your own home.

Alluring Design & Generous Capacity

Featuring a grain color handle and a unique white housing, the BioloMix frother exudes a high-end, luxurious vibe that makes it a stylish addition to your kitchen. Designed with a large capacity, this frother can froth up to 130 ml and warm milk without foam up to 300 ml. Its visible markings ensure spill-free preparation of your favorite beverages.

Optimal Convenience with an All-in-One Whisk

Tired of cluttered countertops? The BioloMix frother comes with an all-in-one whisk suitable for all functions, eliminating the need for multiple attachments. The base conveniently accommodates the power cord, allowing you to select the optimal length and store the excess. Experience convenience like never before.

Safety & Hygiene Combined

Safety and cleanliness go hand in hand with the BioloMix frother. Its high-quality stainless steel and non-stick coating interior ensure easy and hygienic cleaning. Just a simple wipe with a wet cloth and your frother is as good as new. Its automatic switch-off feature paired with a temperature control system ensures safety while preventing milk burns.

Performance Specification & Care Tips

The BioloMix frother operates on 500W power, frothing up to 130ml and heating up to 300ml. Designed to heat and froth dairy milk and other milk alternatives, the frother must not be used to thicken or heat other food substances. After each use, a two-minute wait allows the thermostat to rest before using again, thus extending the lifespan of your product.


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