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Power Food Blender 2200 W

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Is the Biolomix Power Food Blender 2200 W really worth it?

This is a common concern or frequently asked when buying a Biolomix Power Food Blender 2200 W. Do you really need the Biolomix 900ml dry grinding jar ? 

The real reason to get a dry container is that grinding very hard items like grains will pit and scratch the inside of the pitcher near the blades. In addition to the aesthetic “cloudy” marring of the container, the scratches make the container more likely to hold smells. You can get rid of lingering odors by running the machine with vinegar or a few drops of bleach in water, but it’s nice to not have to worry about that.

Having a second container is also convenient because to grind grains the container needs to be totally dry, and if you made a smoothie in the morning the container might still be wet. Sometimes you can end up using both containers for a single recipe, such as mega muffins.

For these reasons the dry container is worthwhile, as long as you plan on grinding dry things like grain.

To learn more information about the advantage of Biolomix Power Food Blender 2200 W, or to purchase the dry grain container separately, please click below image for linking:


Or check Youtube video of our customer unbox review on the dry grinding jar ( In English ) :

and Comparison Testing between Biolomix wet and dry jar (In Russian) : 

Many Thanks for shopping in our store ! We highly recommend you to order the blender option with extra spare parts with great value, just in case for future replacement for this consumable parts .

Limited Discount Time, Hurry Up, Happy shopping with Vigor, Enjoy your healthy lifestyle !  When you place the order, please confirm all the receiver information are correct, it is very important for us to ship the goods out and delivery as soon as possible.   Why buy from us ? (1) We are a reputed brand in worldwide for professional Blenders line. (2) More than 10 years professional blender manufacturing and marketing experience. (3) Excellent quality At Resonable Price, two years motor warranty for home use,      buy with confidence. (4) All goods will be well checked and packed before dispatch.   English User manual Included In The package ! Will Email You Recipe Book in .pdf with up to 125 recipes as below fyi, so please leave your email address when placing order.   homepage Specifications:
Model  G5200
Voltage AC 220V~/ 50-60Hz ; 100-120V/60Hz US Plug also available in stock for fast delivery *Pls leave message for what voltage and plug type you required,otherwise we will send as per destination country electricty standard.
Power 2200 W (3HP at peak)
Container Capacity 2L ( 2000cc )
Control type Push button
Housing Material Plastic

Wet and dry application,

  • Hardened Japan stainless steel six wave action blades allows for greater product versatility
  • Simple operations         
  • Max. 2200W 45000RPM self-compensation German technology motor for uninterrupted operations
  • motor overload reset switch and automatic overheat protector
  • Unbreakable FDA certified 2L high quality transparent jar, BPA FREE
  •  Makde multiple drinks such as milkshakes, green smoothies, dry grinding,hot soup, sauces, raw food diet, ice cream, fresh juice and much more.
  • Easy-cleaning
  • Low noise operation


  NOTES🙁 PEASE READ MANUAL INSTRUCTION BEFORE USING) 1. As soon as you received the Power Food Blender 2200 W,pls add some water inside the container to test,DO NOT run it without anything inside as it’s a bad try for the coupling system. 2.Like buy a new car it will has some smelling,it’s totally normal situation, when you using at the beginning it may have some smelling even slight smoke comes from motor,  but don’t worry, that because the new motor gets heating up lubricant which coated on coils, it will goes away after few more times use.  Thanks for your attetion.

3. The Jar is NOT dishwasher safe !!!

4. We can send the four types plugs as below, so please let us knowwhich type of plug and the voltage you need for the machine.


IMPORTANT: We will ship your order via FedEX/DHL/UPS/TNT according to actual situation without notice in advance, e.g. if you choosen DHL free shipping, we may ship by UPS/TNT or other similar express courior ! If your address belongs to remote area of Fedex/DHL/UPS/TNT , you should pay the remore area charge, othewise we can’t ship it.

*We are not responsible for any customs/import tax or VAT caused in case at buyer’s country.

NOTE:  Now the updated Biolomix G5200 are perfectly fit our 900ml dry jar,  no need rubber adapter 

anymore, therefore, we will not send compatiable free rubber cushion if you selected the dry jar option.

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