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Upgraded Automatic Vacuum Sealer Food Packing Machine


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Experience Unparalleled Freshness with Upgraded Vacuum Sealer

Welcome to a new era of freshness with the Upgraded Automatic Vacuum Sealer. This advanced food packing machine is expertly designed for modern households, delivering a renewed sense of freshness right into your kitchen. With dry and moist food modes, 10 complimentary sealer bags, and a stylish blue color, it offers an all-encompassing solution for food preservation.

Remarkable Food Preservation System

Discover an extraordinary freshness with our upgraded vacuum sealer that pairs vacuum sealing with a powerful -0.75 Mpa suction force. It creates an airtight barrier to fend off moisture and bacterial intrusion, keeping your food fresh as if it was packed just moments ago. Our sealer's anti-sepsis and moisture-proof features are tailored to meet the unique needs of every modern household.

Power-Packed Performance with Brushless Motor

The heart of our vacuum sealer boasts a robust brushless motor, famed for its durability and efficiency. Operating quietly and producing less heat, it provides a top-notch performance without the accompanying noise or heat commonly found in conventional vacuum sealers.

Versatile and Customized Sealing

The Upgraded Automatic Vacuum Sealer steps up from the standard sealing with its dry and wet modes, allowing it to adapt to your specific needs. The added convenience of multi-pumping and multi-packets operation lets you seal multiple bags at once, saving precious time.

Safety and Quiet Operation Combined

We value your safety. Our Upgraded Automatic Vacuum Sealer comes with a safety protection feature to prevent overheating. Paired with its quiet operation, this sealer is not just a handy but a safe addition to your kitchen.

Reaping the Benefits of Multi-Pack Functionality

Our vacuum sealer goes above and beyond with its multi-packets work feature. It allows you to seal multiple bags simultaneously, extending the freshness to all your food items in one go. It's all about making your life easier and fresher!


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