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WiFi Controlled Sous Vide Cooker

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Elevate Your Culinary Skills with the BioloMix 3rd Generation WiFi Controlled Sous Vide Cooker

Unlock the secrets of gourmet cooking with the BioloMix 3rd Generation Smart WiFi Controlled Sous Vide Cooker. This powerful immersion circulator brings Michelin-quality restaurant cooking into the comfort of your own kitchen. With precise temperature control, smart app connectivity, and a range of features designed to make your cooking experience seamless, the BioloMix Sous Vide Cooker is the ultimate tool for creating extraordinary meals. Master the Art of Sous Vide Cooking Experience the power of a 1200W WiFi Controlled Sous Vide Cooker that delivers professional-grade results. From succulent beef and tender chicken to delicate seafood and even vegetarian dishes, this versatile immersion circulator allows you to cook a wide variety of foods with ease. Say goodbye to fuss and noise in the kitchen, and say hello to restaurant-quality meals made effortlessly at home. Wifi App Control for Unparalleled Convenience Take control of your cooking from anywhere with the BioloMix Sous Vide Cooker’s Wifi app control. Pair your device with the smart app and enjoy the freedom to monitor and adjust your cook settings remotely. Whether you’re busy with household chores or spending quality time with loved ones, the app keeps you connected to your cooking, ensuring perfect results every time. Share the device with family and friends through the app, making cooking a collaborative and enjoyable experience. Precise Temperature and Time Control Achieve precision cooking with the digital control panel of the BioloMix WiFi Controlled Sous Vide Cooker. Set the temperature with an accuracy of 0.1°C and the time to the minute, allowing you to cook your favorite foods to perfection. With a wide temperature range of 95°C/203°F max and a maximum time of 99 hours and 59 minutes, the possibilities are endless. Discover the benefits of sous vide cooking, which retains more nutrients and vitamins compared to other cooking methods. Easy to Use, Quiet Operation Simplicity meets sophistication with the BioloMix Sous Vide Cooker. No additional hardware is required—simply place the precision cooker in any pot of water and seal your food in an airtight bag or glass jar. Set the desired temperature and time through the Wifi app, and let the sous vide cooker work its magic. Enjoy the silence of the cooking process as the immersion circulator operates quietly in the background, ensuring a peaceful culinary experience. Durable and Efficient Design The BioloMix WiFi Controlled Sous Vide Cooker features a food-grade stainless steel construction that ensures durability and easy cleaning. With its 360-degree water circulation, heat is transferred efficiently and evenly, resulting in consistent and delicious dishes. Rest easy knowing that the cooker has built-in overheating and low water level protection mechanisms, guaranteeing safe and worry-free cooking.


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