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Fruit Juicer 200 W

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Features: Juice & Pulp Separation – This Masticating Fruit Juicer 200 W can easily separate pulp from juice, extracts maximum nutrition from fruits and vegetables into the juice, gives you the most delicious, flavorful juice every day! Maximum Nutrion Value – Our Fruit Juicer 200 W with 200W motor rotates at 40 RPM which is more slower and powerful than other slow juicers on the market, less heat and minimum oxidation, preserves maximum nutrition from fruits and vegetables, up to 90% juice yield. Safe & Quiet – The cold press juicer is made from baby food grade material without any toxic substances, plus our Fruit Juicer 200 W works under 50db which is more quieter than most of juicers, just enjoy a healthy life with the BPA-FREE extractor. Time & Space Saver – All small parts are made of Tritan material and they can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher and make the cleaning more easier. Unique compact design makes the Fruit Juicer 200 W fits every countertop, only takes a bit of space on your daily use and storage in your kitchen! ils of the selling point above, attracting and providing trust to your potential users. Let’s enjoy 100% healthy juice with Biolomix ! Nowadays, It’s time to have a full of healthy and nutrient body! Say goodbye to those juices with too much water and sugar. The slow juicer is the fastest and easiest cold press machines for your funny juicing. It’s playing an important role in the modern kitchen. The Biolomix Portable Mini Size Slow Juicer has a low speed of 40-65 RPM which prevents oxidation and preserves the live enzymes, nutrients, and essential vitamins destroyed by friction or heat with high juice yield! Just enjoy a healthy day with Biolomix! The best choice for you! Buy Option with 2 additional filters ✔ Filter for Ice Cream How to make ice cream with this Fruit Juicer 200 W: Put frozen fruits like strawberries, apples, oranges, or lemons in juicer. Then they will be minced as crushed ice. This filter storage ice and keep it cold. ✔ Filter for Thick Smoothies Juice This filter is made from stainless steel material which is rust-resistant. With long coarse hole, this accessory can make nutritional thick smoothies juice with flesh, so better to use it for thick ingredients like strawberry or banana . IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS FOR USE: Fruits with pits and hard seeds such as nectarines, peaches, mangos, apricots, plums and cherries must be pitted before juicing. Cut fibrous ingredients (water parsleys, etc) into small sizes about 3~4cm(1.5inch) before placing into the hopper chute. Do not use the appliance for grinding dry ingredients such as grains, coffee beans, etc. This may damage the parts or cause failure of the appliance. Do not re-squeeze leftovers expelled through the pulp outlet. Do not operate the appliance when the chamber is empty. IMPORTANT: 1. If you selected ships from China then we may send the order via FedEX/DHL/UPS/TNT according to actual situation without notice in advance, e.g. if you choosen DHL free shipping, we may ship by UPS/TNT or other similar express courior ! If your address belongs to remote area of Fedex/DHL/UPS/TNT , you should pay the remore area charge, othewise we can’t ship it. 2. We are not responsible for any customs/import tax or VAT caused in case at buyer’s country. So please select ships from European or Russian local warehouse if you can. 3.We can send pdf recipe books for the Fruit Juicer 200 Wr if you leave us email address. 4.this item is 220-240V/50-60Hz EU plug only, so if you selected 220V UK or AU type plug, we will send the suitable plug adapter  .


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