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Stainless Steel Sous Vide Oven

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Elevate Your Cooking with the Biolomix Stainless Steel Sous Vide Oven Pro

Experience a new way to cook with the Biolomix 6th Generation Stainless Steel Sous Vide Oven Pro. This state-of-the-art water circulator bath cooker delivers perfection at every meal, taking the guesswork out of cooking. Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook, Biolomix has the power and precision to transform your culinary creations. One Touch Control for Precise Cooking With the Biolomix Stainless Steel Sous Vide Oven Pro, precision is right at your fingertips. Its LED digital timer display is sensor touch, giving you effortless control over your cooking. Set the temperature between 40-90℃ and the time range from 10 minutes to 72 hours, and let the machine do the rest. Designed for the Busy Lifestyle Are you a busy professional who also enjoys quality, homemade meals? The Biolomix Sous Vide Cooker is the ideal companion for you. This revolutionary appliance promises hands-off, time-saving meal preparation, making it easier than ever to bring out the full, true flavors of your favorite foods. Flawless Results, Every Time Never worry about overcooked or undercooked meals again. The Biolomix Stainless Steel Sous Vide Oven Pro, with its magnetic-driven water circulation system, ensures evenly cooked ingredients. It locks in flavor and eliminates dryness, delivering mouth-watering results that are consistently perfect. All-in-One, High-Capacity Cooking Solution Say goodbye to the need for a separate circulator or pot. The Biolomix Sous Vide Cooker circulates 8 liters of water to the exact temperature you set. Simply seal your food in a vacuum pouch, submerge it in water, and wait for culinary magic to happen. A Stylish and Energy-Efficient Addition to Your Kitchen More than just a cooking tool, the Biolomix 8 Liter Stainless Steel Sous Vide Oven Pro is a sleek addition to your kitchen countertop. It’s not just about good looks; this cooker is designed with double-wall insulation and a see-through lid to prevent steam evaporation and retain heat, resulting in lower energy consumption. Its cool-touch housing prevents accidental burns and protects your countertop from scorching, ensuring safety and efficiency in one stylish package.


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What makes Biolomix products different?

Biolomix products are designed to deliver professional-level performance and precision, using the latest advancements in technology. With heavy-duty construction, intuitive controls, and powerful motors, our products are the perfect tool for both professional chefs and home cooks.

How do I know if Biolomix is right for me?

If you’re looking for a kitchen appliance that will help you achieve gourmet-quality results with precision and ease, then a Biolomix product is right for you. Whether you’re a professional chef or just enjoy cooking at home, our products are designed to make your life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. If you have any specific questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.