Low Temperature Lamb Fillet On The Plancha


For this recipe of lamb fillet in two cookings
A lamb fillet – Olive oil – Herbes de Provence.


  • Vacuum machine
  • Stainless steel casserole dish
  • Stainless steel plancha

Preparation Of The Recipe

  • Season and oil the lamb fillet.
  • Place the meat in a suitable vacuum bag.
  • Vacuum and seal the bag.
  • Fill a sufficiently large container with water and set the Sansaire to 45 ° C.
  • Immerse the bag in water and cook for 2 hours.
  • Ensure that the bag remains submerged during all cooking at low temperatures.
  • After cooking remove the bag from the water.
  • Take out the meat.
  • Place the lamb fillet on the oiled plancha at 180 ° C.
  • Season (salt and freshly ground pepper).
  • Color on all sides.
  • Season with Provence herbs.
  • Turn the meat regularly.
  • Coat the meat with the cooking juices.
  • Allow 4 minutes of cooking for pink meat.
  • Slice the lamb fillet in hazelnuts.
  • The meat is perfect, pink with a nice Maillard reaction.
  • Arrange on a hot plate with a garnish of vegetables and a bear’s garlic butter.

A Few Words About The Recipe

Two types of cooking for this lamb fillet which complement each other perfectly.

The low-temperature cooking vacuum changes the texture of the meat evenly. It can be likened to a pre-cooking which will prevent the meat from shrinking and losing its humidity during the lively cooking on the plancha.

We obtain a very tender and tasty meat with a nice Maillard reaction.
It is also an appreciable technique when you have a large quantity of meat to cook.

In this video, the finalization of the cooking of the lamb fillet on the plancha comes at the end of the precooking at low temperature. You can optionally store the vacuum-packed meat in the refrigerator for a cooking shift of a few hours, no more. Two hours of cooking at 45 ° C does not allow longer storage even in a vacuum.

The temperature and cooking time should be adapted to the thickness of your lamb fillet.

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