Recipes For Food Vacuum Cuisine

In need of inspiration? You are looking for new recipe ideas to amaze your guests or simply to please yourself. Here is the article you need.

General Recipe Books For Food Vacuum Machines.

If you like preparing good small dishes with media as a real book of recipes. Here is a selection of the 3 best food vacuum cooking guides, which I highly recommend. Both for the quality of their editions and for the excellence of the dishes presented.

Flavors And Health, Vacuum Cooking.

Edited by Place des Victoires and written by Hubertus Tszchirner. In my opinion, this guide is the essential of vacuum cooking for amateurs. Very complete, well-illustrated all the vacuum- packed recipes are affordable by ordinary people and all the food for their preparations is easily accessible in your usual points of sale. The main asset of this book is the way the author approaches vacuum cooking. Instead of presenting a recipe from A to Z, it explains in detail the cooking and the ingredient by ingredient preparation. The objective being to be able, if you feel like going on an eggplant basis (on the cover page), to marry it with oyster mushrooms, lamb’s lettuce and braised pears normally associated with the veal rice recipe. This is what we call to do it yourself in the kitchen, it’s up to you to create your own culinary masterpieces.

Vacuum Cooking At Home.

Published by Tompress, according to recipes highlighted by Giorgio Re. This sublime 196-page book is perfect for households who want to start cooking under vacuum. It is also the only book truly specialized in food vacuum cooking at home. It proves that it is easy to manage to prepare exceptional dishes as do the largest French or foreign tables. And that it is impossible to miss cooking with the vacuum method. You can also use a probe thermometer for even more precision.

Cook under vacuum.

Published by Independently Published, the author Jean Jacques Trebaux specialist in vacuum cooking (already several works to his credit) gratifies us with 44 pages of recipes for a very reasonable price. You will find beautiful illustrations of dishes, advice for beginners, simple tables for times of vacuum cooking and many other beautiful surprises. I particularly like “The vegetable ratatouille” and “The chicken fillet with cranberry mousse and chilli”. There is something for everyone, meat, fish and seafood, side dishes and vegetables or desserts.

Recipe Books Specializing In Food Vacuum Cooking.

You want to test sous vide cooking but on very specific products. Well, it is possible, there are books on almost all types of meat, fish, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and other foods. Here are some items you can get when you have a vacuum machine:

Beef And Lamb.

You dream of ribs, breasts, legs or even steaks and other pieces of choice. This book will give you great vacuum recipes, good and simple to make. Choose the cooking that suits you, and follow step by step the precious advice given page after page for a result worthy of the greatest restaurants. A small flat all the same for this edition, the price is a bit high, we would have appreciated a larger number of recipes for this price.

Pork And Poultry.

These are the dishes based on pork or poultry that interest you. Find this little book that brings good surprises including the recipe for Thai green chicken curry, truly magical. Everything is very detailed and with vacuum cooking, in a bain-marie, the texture of the meat is perfect and tasty. Too bad this edition is a little expensive.

Fish and seafood.

This selection of recipes based on shrimps, fish, and shellfish in vacuum cooking, will delight you if you like seafood. So do not waste time and run to your favorite fishmonger, choose lobsters, langoustines and other products that sublimate your dish. No difficulty in preparation and each time the result is there. However, we are once again hungry (great pun ?), we would have liked more pages of recipes for the cost of this sous vide cooking guide.

Homemade Recipes With Food Vacuum Cooking.

Know that you can almost cook everything under vacuum in a bain-marie, just refer to the comparison table of the different sous vide cooking that you will find on my blog. So do not hesitate to bring out the family recipes and test your favorite dishes with this cooking method. It’s a great way to rediscover and improve the taste of your daily meals.

Internet Vacuum Cooking Recipes.

Finally, the Internet is an inexhaustible and most often free source for finding new recipe ideas to make with your vacuum packaging device. The network is teeming with quality sites specializing in sous vide cooking. Do some research and put your favorites in favorites on your tablet or smartphone, which will be a good support during preparation in the kitchen.

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