Red Beets Cooked Under Vacuum


For this technique of cooking red beets Red beets – bags intended for sous-vide cooking (supporting a T ° of 120 ° C) – a steam oven or a bain-marie at 100 ° C – a vacuum bell.

Preparation Of The Recipe

1. Trim the beets which must be firm to the touch. Wash and brush them under cold water. 2.  Place the clean beetroot in the bag. 3.  Preferably calibrate your bags (either one in each bag, or beets of the same size in each. 4. Vacuum to 99.9% and weld. Some people salt a little. 5. Poach for 60 minutes under the boiling point. 6. Refresh in an ice water bath. Store in the cold.

A Few Words About The Recipe

The best cooking for red beets in salads. Beets can be eaten within 7 days which seems reasonable, even if the plausible duration is much longer. Without a scientific control process on the degradation of the cooked product (even under vacuum) I do not recommend too long a conservation.

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