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Sous Vide Cooker 1500 W


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Biolomix Sous Vide Cooker, Sturdy Immersion Circulator, Vacuum Food Cooker, Powerful DC Motor, LCD Digital Display, Stainless Steel.
  • Newest Sous Vide Circulator: With restaurant quality small sous vide machine brings quality cooking to your home. The sous vide cooker utilizes temperature control, the sous vide machine immersion circulator cooker offers consistent results.
  • TASTY MEAT LIKE NEVER BEFORE: The sous vide immersion cooker will give your meat and chicken the best flavor with many recipes out there Rear Meat with juice flavor delivering steaks that are cooked to precisely the temperature you like every time.
  • FASTER COOKING TIME: Biolomix sous vide immersion circulator can achieve 60℃ in only 30 minutes. In half the time the sous vide cooker achieves 95℃ in only 15 min.With the easy control panel you can to adjust time and temp for a customizable experience.
  • GREAT ADDITION TO ANY RECIPE: The sous vide equipment is your secret weapon to mastering recipe. Overcooking can result in loss of moisture. Cooking with the Biolomix immersion circulator enables you to cook steak, poultry, fish, egg, & vegetables
  • EASY TO USE: Simply attach the sous vide cooker set to any cooking container or pot, add water, insert ingredients in a vacuum sealed container and press start. Works with all deep cooking pots.
Biolomix introducing a Super Sous Vide Thermal Immersion Circulator, it helps you cook a flawless poached egg, a perfectly flaked piece of salmon or do justice to a choice cut of prime rib with its high power heating element power of 1500 watts compared to other immersion circulators out there that only uses 800 or 1000 watts. Which makes cooking and preheating time definitely much slower. But with Biolomix’s Immersion Circulator you can now enjoy expert home cooking without the hassle. Adjustable time and temperature controls allow you to have complete control over the cooking process. Easy to read LCD display, digital soft-touch buttons and built-in thermostat takes the brain-work out of cooking. Enjoy deliciously consistent results for every meal. Home Chef – a sous vide to up your game in the kitchen This way of cooking will create the most amazing and life changing steaks, chicken, fish, veggies, and virtually anything you toss into it. The greatest feature of it is that the food cooks in its juices. They turned out to be perfectly medium pink, steak comes our tender and flavorful. Allows anyone to cook a restaurant quality meal at home. Recipes advice: Steak-132°F/55.5°C, 6 hours Salmon-110°F/43°C, 30-45 minutes Chicken-140°F/60°C, 30 minutes Eggs-140°F/60°C, 10 minutes ***The default temperature setting is Celsius (℃), you can set it to Fahrenheit (℉) too. Using steps: Step 1: Seal food in a vacuum bag, and place them in a water bath. Step 2: Press the ON button for 3 seconds and then it will bleep and the display will turn on. The display will show the current temperature. Step 3: Set timer to delay the start of cooking time. Or press set button again to set actual cook time, called “work time” on this unit((which only starts counting down once water has reached the correct temp) Step 4: Set the temperatures / timer using the black scroll wheel on the front. The last step: When the food reaches the target temperature and time, take it out, and serve it. Buyer notice: 1. Russia buyer- We can ship from Moscow warehouse if the stock are available, or we send from China by fast shipping method , we can provide user manual in Russian if you provide us your email address. 2. please note this item is 220-240V/50-60Hz with EU plug or 100-130V US plug, so please let us know if you need UK or AU type plug, we can send the suitable plug adapter. ** The default temperature setting is Celsius (℃), you can set it to Fahrenheit (℉) too. 3.We can sendthe pdf cook books of Sous Vide if you leave us email address. 4 *We are not responsible for any customs/import tax or VAT caused in case at buyer’s country

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